Trip Report: FOOD

After a year of not visiting the park, The Park Hoppers finally make it back. We wold like to start by sharing our food experiences. This trip we made a point to eat food we've never tried.

Let start with Breakfast

I know we wanted to eat new things this this trip but the Bacon Egg and Cheese Croissant the Jolly Holiday are too good to resist. The fruit they serve along is just "OK".

This was our first Charter Breakfast experience and it was AWESOME! Location was the Plaza Inn. We would recommend this to anyone with little kids. The food was served buffet style and included eggs, bacon, sausage, Mickey waffles, chicken fried steak, Biscuits and grave and many others. If you are looking for the best Disney experience for your little one, this is it. While eating you meal random characters will join you for pictures and some fun interactions.

Doughnuts in the Hub. S'more and Bacon Maple. These can be purchased at the Coffee cart located in the hub. They were quite tasty and quick.

Snacks and desert

"The Golden Gate" banana split from Ghirardelli in DCA. This is not a first because it's too awesome to pass up.

Dole Whip Float. Always a must do

Red's Apple Freeze from the Cozy Cone. Nothing new here. Just one of the best.

They Grey Stuff, it is delicious! A white chocolate moose and red velvet cake. You have to try it at least once. The other desert is a Lemon Rose Cake. Do not purchase this one! it looks good but tastes like Disney dropped the ball, on the floor... and served it as the Lemon Rose Cake.

Orange Cream-sickle shake at the Carnation Cafe. The DisneyLady ate the entire thing before DisneylAndy could have a bite. That must mean it's tasty!

The Main Course

Flo's V8 Cafe: BBQ ribs and Turkey Dip.

This is the place for some good, solid American food. The Turkey Dip is served with a macaroni salad and a "Dip" sauce. You can never go wrong with this one.

The BBQ ribs are served with slaw. The sauce was just.. OK and the meat was.. OK. With the other selections at Flo's we will probably not order this again.

Red Rose Taverne: Garden Mozzarella Flatbed and Slow-cooked Beef Poutine.

We hope they keep this menu around for a while . Both selections were delicious. The Garden Mozzarella Flatbed was light and flavorful. If you cold consider this a pizza, it's the best in the park. The Slow-cooked Beef Poutine as a surprise. Tender pot roast beef served over twice coked waffle fries with gravy, pickled onions and cheese curds. We will be back for this one.

Nothing new for us.

Cafe Orleans: Monte Cristo and Chicken Gumbo. As usual the two of us shared this meal. Good as always.

The Blue Bayou: Bone in Rib Eye. Just a delicious steak on the best ride in the park.

Corn Dog Castle & Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta: Pizza and corn dogs, can't get more American. Just trying to fit in all the dinning we can. We decided to get these at the same time. The corn dogs were a bit burnt and not as fresh as the Little Corn Dog Cart in Disneyland. The pizza was surprisingly good. Much better than Red's Pizza Port.

Rancho del Zocalo: Street tacos and Chicken burrito. Nothing fancy. This is just an average meal. The Street Tacos was the best tasting plate.

Carnation Cafe: This was a first time visit for us. Before entering another guest recommended we get the Chicken Fried Chicken, Meat Loaf and fried pickles. So we did, we were not disappointed.

Hungry Bear: Cheese Burger and Chili Cheese Burger. Nothing special here. The DisneyLady was not a fan of the regular cheese burger. Not as good as the Galactic Grill. I loved the Chili Cheese Burger with its tasty warm chili and crisp onion rings.

Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen: Southern Garlic Bread and Pasta Jambalaya. Our first time here and not the last. We were seated on the second floor balcony with a beautiful view of Downtown Disney. Looking over this Louisiana inspired menu we decided to get an appetizer and share an entree. The garlic bread was made from a crusty bread sliced into long sections, cheese stuffed between the sections and topped with sliced garlic and parsley. We would get it again. When ordering the Jambalaya our waiter warned of it's spicy heat. He was not kidding. We had them split the pasta so we cold share. Each half portion was more that enough for one person. Overall a great experience.



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